About Spectra Upfront Queenstown

Spectra Upfront is a supplier of quality office and school stationery. Additionally we also specialise in the different school text books as required by the National Department of Basic Education, NDBE.

School text books are supplied according to the National Department of Basic Education, NDBE, CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) curriculum.

At Spectra Upfront we believe in quality products, therefore we only supply stationery products from well-known and established brands. We are proud to be associated with leading manufactures of stationery products.


Spectra Awards

During 2008 Spectra Upfront was awarded the best educational distributor  by SFIKA .

In 2010 Spectra Upfront recieved the Sefika award for the best educational bookseller from PASA (The publishers Association of Southern Africa).

Spectra Membership and Accreditations

Spectra Upfront is a proud member of SABA, South African Booksellers Association and Shopsa, Southern African Association for Stationery, Home and Office Products.